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Balanced Budget Forever

Balanced Budget Forever

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Why Do We Need ABalanced Budget?

Why Do We Need A
Balanced Budget?

Learn Why We Need
To Act Now.

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Some States Are Already Making Progress

Some States Are
Already Making Progress

But More Can Be Done

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Why BBF?

If unresolved, our nation’s $18 trillion debt threatens the ability for our children to have the prosperous future we want for them. Learn more about why America needs a federal balanced budget amendment.



Look at map to see if your state legislature has passed a resolution calling for a balanced federal budget. If not, take action today to rally support!


Sign the Petition

If you agree that America needs a federal balanced budget amendment, please take a moment to sign our petition and share it with your contacts!

“If we want fiscal discipline in Washington, D.C., it has to come from the states. We have to be bold in our approach to them.”
—North Dakota State Sen. Dick Dever

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“This Constitutional amendment will add accountability back into the federal government. Until now, Washington has failed America. It’s up to the states to bring back fiscal sanity to our great nation, before it’s too late.” 
—Maine Gov. Paul LePage

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“Facing this financial crisis with little aid from Congress, the people of this great country must take responsibility for our future.” 
—Oklahoma State Sen. Rob Standridge

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"In my lifetime, the federal government has only managed to balance its budget five times. Clearly, our federal government has a systemic problem which deserves a systemic solution. That solution is a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution."
- Congressman Steve Stivers

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“The state legislatures throughout the country are the only authority that can control a federal government, which is clearly unable to police itself.”
-Ohio State Representative Matt Huffman

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